006 – Temple Basement – Recovering

At Za’lynn’s urging, we decided to investigate The Prism Theater in Mistside Cross. Boarded up and barred outside, we found the place to be sagging and deteriorating inside. Immediately Zeno could sense the presence of undead, many undead in fact. Some lingered behind the stage’s curtain, and many more gathered in the balcony.

This is when inspiration struck Zeno and he finally sorted out the 2nd rule of his code. “No one knows they’re hunting ghosts until they’re hunting ghosts. Be prepared.” It is not an entirely incorrect statement.

We investigated behind the curtain and found a wispy ghost with no legs that we think was a specter, and a female ghost with baleful eyes. We are now rather sure that she was a banshee. When she opened her incorporeal mouth to scream, most of us were confounded with an intense fear. This may have led to some less than valorous conduct on our part, but I am sure that was simply a consequence of being caught so off guard.

With some difficulty (mostly in lacking magical weapons and having only one silver weapon) we were able to vanquish the undead. Jade herself got the final shot on the screaming banshee. Beyond the stage, we found moldering piles of clothing and skittering insects.

It was super gross.

Zeno headed down the backstage stairs, for a look at the basement. The rest of us followed, fairly sure that we were headed toward another fight. Vigilant as always (except for that part where the stairs feel apart and he crashed to the floor), Zeno sensed another undead presence, now standing in the middle of the basement. Scorch marks marred the walls of the basement. Darkness coalesced into a black shape as a voice boomed, “Begone from this place!” The floor, covered in bones, began to clatter into a semblance of life as skeletal hands began to claw toward us.

The fight proved to be beyond us. However, with Tayanna’s ability to cower the undead, and Zeno’s control of the front line, we were able to retreat back up the stairs and out of the theater. We were a bit shaken, and have taken a little time to take stock of the incident.

The locals don’t really know why the theater is the home to restless spirits. That thing, that wraith, in the basement is likely the key to undoing it all. Though whether we need to destroy it or offer it aid has yet to be determined. But if we can get the wraith to release it’s hold on the building, it is very possible that all the other spirits will disperse as well.

We’ve made a trip to The Bronze Pixie to silver some weapons and do what we can to be better prepared for future incursions.

Zeno’s Code (updated)

  1. Never take the first deal
  2. No one knows they’re hunting ghosts until they’re hunting ghosts. Be prepared.
  3. Punch up, not down
  4. Open mind not closed fist

1 thought on “006 – Temple Basement – Recovering

  1. I maintain the quake happened in the middle of spot on performance and, actors egos being what they are, they refused to leave without finishing the show and are quite put out they did not get the standing ovation they so richly deserved.

    Which I can completely understand and sympathize with, however there is no reason to be salty with us! If you’d so kindly have finished the performance I will write you up a fair and accurate critical review.

    Many a hardy thanks to Zeno and his tactical acumen for keeping us safe and wisely realizing that it is better to live and fight another day. A hero.

    Also, on a completely unrelated note, someone may have peed in my pants…


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