Za’lynn’Rethdhel Bjorrson, a further explanation

His mother Ceridwen’Zalynn is from the Reaches, and she had many dealings with the Winter Court. From what Za’lynn’s godmother has told him, Ceridwen’Zalynn had made a deal, a deal she thought that she could get out of. She was to turn over her next child to an Arch Fey who, for whatever fairy reason, wanted one. The more she thought about it, the more she hated the idea. She did not want to leave some poor child to be raised in the Winter Court.  She then had idea.  A child whose father was not connected to the fey, the Arkreaches or Alfheim could keep the child away from the courts. He would have no reason to give up “his” child.  Such a man would had made no deals, and could keep a child safe.

Za’lynn does not know what his mother’s deal was, or where she is now. His godmother had told him that she is being punished for her trickery.

Za’lynn knows a little about his fairy godmother. His father, Bjorr always referred to her as Missy Long-Shanks. She is a Tylwyth Teg Fairy. She appears as a very tall, over 7 feet, female dark elf. Other than her height, her appearance and coloring makes her look like a female version of Za’lynn.  Missy Long-Shanks is a courtier of the Winter Court, and serves the Prince of Frost, The Queen of Air, and Darkness. She has taught him about the fairylands, and has started his education in magic.

The Naginata, “Snowflake” is a weapon from Alfheim, and is connected to the fey in some way. This weapon is Za’lynn’s connection or focus to the fey magic.