020, 021 – Prism Theater – In My Office

We had one last item on our adventure list left to check off, and so we headed to the mysterious bridge. Made of stone, the bridge stretched from one small island of land to another, a windmill and beautiful trees waiting on the other side.

Careful and slow (very unlike us) we started across the bridge. About halfway across a gruff but friendly voice called for us to stop and wait. A dwarf eventually came walking down the path toward us. He paused at the edge of the bridge and spoke quietly to the trees, then motioned us forward.

Ellesgrim is an introverted druid who tends the little island now. As a member of The Verdant Chorus he and his circle seek to reclaim the wild places for nature. He carefully walks that line between trees are his friends, and he turns his friends into trees. We discussed some of our previous adventures with him and he even had some thoughts to add.

The thing that tried to eat our memories was likely an oblex, an ooze. He also gave us a pot of dried spores to use to try to heal any planer tears we might run into. He and Zeno have decided to become bird pen pals. That should be cute and interesting.

He also gave us some information on a cave we should check out, so after an awkward good-bye we headed off to the cave. Ellesgrim had said to expect an earth fae, but that was not what met us. A large chittering creature and her many and annoying little babies attacked us. There was lots of running around and screaming, and eventually the thing tried to tunnel away. However, Zeno and Jade Slipper leapt, screaming, after it and killed it dead.

Moments after that, crazy yelling came from the other end of the cave system, demanding to know who was causing so much of a racket. That’s when we finally found the Korred. He was gross, a squat little hairy thing, armed with a giant club and a lasso made from his own matted hair. Gross! Even grosser, he had pet Xorn with him.

The Xorn spent most of the fight scratching ineffectually at Zeno as the rest of us danced around to fight with the Korred. Once that was taken care of, we took a well deserved rest before venturing into the deeper tunnel from which the Korred had emerged.

The tunnels below were pitch black, and so I cast a Light spell on my quill and tucked it behind my ear. It was so cute! As we explored, eventually finding a little sleeping room, we heard a noise behind us. I turned to see a giant umberhulk lumbering our way. Armed with arcane prowess and quick tactical thinking, I greased the small hallway as i retreated to safety behind the others. Despite the confusing nature of the umberhulk’s presence, we were able to defeat it, Jade Slipper zipping around like the graceful creature she is. She ran up walls and around corners, all the wall the umberhulk kept falling, flailing, onto it’s back.

Once that thing was taken care of, we continued our investigations. That’s when we found an interesting stone portal. As I took the time to examine it, the others fought off a bulette. Closer inspection of the portal told me that it was a gateway to the plane of earth, but that I could not close it myself as it was a permanent portal and not a simple tear.

Wrapping up the last of our explorations, we ran into little rock men. They were ugly and awful. They were mean, and hit me. I did not like it. I do not like rocks anymore. I hate rocks. They are the worst.

As we left, we sent Snow to tell Ellesgrim what we found. Just before we arrived home, a bird came flying in and said in the gruffest voice, “Did you try the spores?”

I hate rocks.

002 – At Mistside Cross – Settling in at Da-Rin

The ship docked at the Mistside Cross, the former Thessalian section of Da-Rin, and I went in search of answers. Za’lynn accompanied me to assist with both his knowledge and imposing visage. I was lucky enough to find a priest of Athena at the universal temple who offered us use of the library there. Sadly, the place is mostly in disarray. Lydros, the Priest of Athena, after hearing what I was looking for, suggested that I might want to speak with Ellenmore the Old, the owner of a nearby sage shop. 

After making what we could of the information in the ruined library, I was able to ascertain that nothing of what we had encountered so far was in the pre-Arkyn texts. Though there was nothing directly on the conch, I did find a few entries that begin to make me wonder if the elemental nature of the conch is somehow linked with the Titans. This will take further investigation.

As Za’lynn and I searched through documents, Jade, Tyanna, and Zeno went in search of a drink. Arestes, the bartender at The Voiceless Fish, was full of information about the horrible things we’d seen on the ship. The deep ones, it seems, are a new problem in the last 10 years. It is assumed that they are some byproduct of the island explosion. 

The creatures do not seem to get along with sahaugin or lizard folk. They are often seen with sea spawn, the creatures that appear as drowned men with the sea beginning to claim their form. They maraud and raid, never straying far from the water as drying out seems to cause them to wither and desecate. Their tactics are not complex, simple shock and awe.  

Arestes also offered more general understanding of the area. The Old Fashioned Blossom is a higher class tavern, and if you plan to do anything illicit there one should either keep it secret or be very upfront about it. It is the haunt of The Requiem of Nobles, a very intense gang. They focus on obtaining wealth from the ruins of the nobility. 

That night, we attended the Beggar’s Feast at the church. It’s held once a week, everyone bringing what they can so all can share. It was a lovely time, with everyone eating and socializing. An old timer there told us that the sea creatures mostly appear at night, mostly. When they do, a song echoes from the ocean. It’s been a couple of weeks since their last appearance.

After the feast broke up, Jade walked over to meet the severe looking dwarven woman who stood at the edge of things. Casta turned out to be a member of The Requiem of Nobles. She wore her copper hair in a loose braid, fine vest over her leather armor, boots polished with jewelry worn in plain sight. She offered some professional courtesies and a job. 

A warlock lives in a manor house in some disputed territory in the NNW section. We can be paid for our time and turn over the loot rights, or we can arrange for a share of what is found.

The next morning, with plans to head out toward the pirate cove, we stopped by the Sage’s place to get a read on the conch. He promised to look further into things (both sea creatures and conch) and let us know if he found anything. Currently, he could only offer that it would surely open only a small portal, like a window, and was therefore likely designed for a specific location and/or reason. 

Da-Rin regions: 

  • The Stormside section of the city holds a church of Poseidon. 
  • Whitespire is the tower in the very center of the city. The clergy of Arkyn resides there. I will need to visit there eventually to see what they know about both these new creatures, and what happened here 25 years ago. 
  • Waveside is the home of a large cemetery. Make sure to stop by Mad Felicia’s and pay respects when visiting that section. She considers herself a caretaker of the dead and exploring her domain without her blessing is not advised. 

Action Items: 

  • Assist in recovering the church’s library
  • Is the conch linked to a Titan
  • Mending cantrip that adds fashion
  • Dehydration spell
  • Visit Whitespire
  • Recon with Sage

001 – Aboard The Turtle – Less than a day from Da-Rin

I was woken in the middle of the night to find Jade leaning over my berth, whispering of mutiny. It was unclear at first if I was being roused to participate or prevent, but as I gathered my senses a plan to warn Captain Ramone Vieranan of the treachery of his first mate, Two-Teeth Sutherland, took shape. The First Mate was offering a ‘pirate’s life’ to those willing to take part in the mutiny. 

Some finer points of how to respond were debated among my shipmates as Jade slipped off to speak with the Captain. She had not returned very long before the cabin door flew open and the First Mate stood there with his dozen or so mutineers. As weapons were drawn, Zeno found that he had to abandon his very fine ‘Archipelago of Friendship’ speech. (Must take the time to document this entire speech. Very moving.)

Two-Teeth demanded that we throw down down our weapons and offered to deliver us safely to port in return. Za’lynn was the first to leap to action striking at Two-Teeth before the mutineers pushed into the small cabin. Jade was the first to take one down (that tabaxi has claws upon claws) as Zeno tried to reason with those attacking us. “We’re all seamen together,” he pleaded, but it was to no avail. 

In what I thought would be the most terrifying moment of the fight, Za’lynn went down. Tayanna had him quickly on his feet again, however the brush with death must have heightened his awareness because he was suddenly quick to notice that Two-Teeth was not, in fact, bleeding blood as one might expect. Instead, sea water dripped from his wounds. As we called attention to this fact, trying to point out to the mutineer their poor decision making skills, that was when it screamed. 

The image of Two-Teeth shimmered and the creature beneath came into view. It opened it’s grotesque lamprey mouth and let loose a blood chilling scream that left most (not me, of course) frozen and shaking. While everyone (but not me) stood there immobile, the creature glared at us with its compound eyes, then turned into water as it leapt out of the porthole. 

Not sure what it was, we went off to search Two-Teeth’s quarters. There we found the usual accoutrement of a sailor: pipe, tobacco, cutlery, a magical mouth piece to a horn.  The piece contained some sort of weak conjuration magic. We also found the body of Two-Teeth in a chest. Zeno said he seemed a week dead, drowned, but his body was still wet. 

We showed the body to the Captain and discussed the details of the mutiny. He felt that the creature had likely been after a magical conch that he had recently acquired. He produced the conch (Jade had been holding it) and it too held conjuration magic. The Captain had picked it up in Thessalia with the understanding that it would assist him in gaining Poseidon’s favor. 

A burial at sea was attempted for Two-Teeth’s remains, however that did not go as expected. As his body hit the water, his eyes opened. Thinking him alive, Za’lynn dove in after him. However, Two-Teeth did not respond favorably to this rescue. Instead he opened his mouth wide and tried to bite into Za’lynn and pull him under. The marine, thankfully, was well trained and escaped this fate and made it back onto the deck of the ship. 

After deeper inspection of the conch, I was able to ascertain that it (when reunited with its mouthpiece and blown) will open a small elemental portal. The nature of that portal to be determined by the geographical location in which it was blown. 

So, we have a horrible sea creature with part of an item that opens an elemental portal. This cannot be good. I have agreed to research this conch when we reach Da-Rin. My real work is important, but I can’t pass up an opportunity to learn more about this incident. 

If my research doesn’t turn up anything, or maybe doubly so if it does, there is an outpost on the northeast approach to Da-Rin that may need to be investigated. It seems that this is where Two-Teeth was promising the bounty of a ‘pirate’s life’. There is a sea cave or cove in that area that could offer more information. I shall have to see. 

Action Items: 
Record Zeno’s Archipelago of Friendship speech
Research what Two-Teeth turned into
Research what dead Two-Teeth was
Research the conch