008 – In the Bath – Soaking Off the Sewers

Another day started and it was time to pursue the kobolds. The sewer system was a simple radial design. Mostly water flowed through the tunnels, with slippery paths along the side. Given that we had waited to pursue, tracks were impossible to find so we picked a direction and began to walk deeper into the sewers. There were some rats. It is possible, given their tenacity that some sort of demonic power has influenced the rats, but we vanquished them all the same.

Past the demon rats, we found the remains of animals and humans with bruising and strange bite marks. Continuing down the tunnel, we soon found the source of the odd bites. A creature with a purple worm-like body, a beak mouth, and slicer tipped tentacles, called a grick. It was a hard battle to defeat this creature, and we decided that that kobolds could not have come this way so we turned to follow the tunnels out toward the ocean.

Once we hit the outside world again, dropping onto a beach, Za’lynn was able to pick up the tracks of the kobolds in the sand. We followed them around to a cave that descended under the city. There were traps in the cramped tunnels and we did what we could to avoid them. What we could not avoid was the notice of the kobolds.

They were holed up in a small earthen room, four of them, along with a sickly looking baby bronze dragon. Tayanna attempted to speak with the dragon, but it would not seem to want to be saved. After a rather dangerous fight, complete with poison and lighting from the mouth of the baby dragon, we finally put all the creatures down.

In the aftermath, we found a small nest of dragon eggs, each one infected by the foul soup it rested We also found a magical necklace on one of the kobolds. It held the image of a kraken. So, we’re back to that. We destroyed the eggs and left… to bathe.

Necklace of Adaptation: Breathe in any environment, immune to inhaled harmful glasses

Zeno’s Code (updated)

  1. Never take the first deal
  2. No one knows they’re hunting ghosts until they’re hunting ghosts. Be prepared.
  3. Punch up, no down.
  4. Open mind not closed fist.
  5. tbd
  6. tbd
  7. Justice doesn’t have the stealth skill

Action Items

  • Find out more about this kraken cult

007 – In My Bunk, Under the Covers – Cleverly Using a Light Spell

After some discussion, we surmised that we are not yet tall enough to ride the ride that is the Prisim Theater. Settling into a quieter routine, I returned to my research and Zeno began his intense work on a massive slaw for the Beggar’s Feast. I am not entirely sure what has possessed him to make a slaw, of all things. I mean, it’s generally a thing that you make to balance the flavors and textures of a meal, not really a food stuff in and of itself and therefore sub-optimal for the pot luck nature of the Beggar’s Feast.

I suppose, as an elf, he cannot help it. His palate is compromised from birth.

In the middle of Zeno’s odd domestic bliss, the dock bell began to ring. Everyone, save the towered bell ringer, made haste away from the docks. We picked up our gear and ran toward it. Surveying the area, all we could find was a bag and belaying pin abandoned on the ground. Following the direction of the bell ringer, we were able to soon locate the cause of all the commotion.

It had a human torso and a catfish face with a fishy tail. Three seaspawn arrived with it, the big guy holding a large harpoon and a rope tied around the ankle of one of the seaspawn. A fight ensued, Zeno taking the large harpoon right in his chest. It was not pretty. However, we did prevail, though as we pulled up the rope from the seaspawn’s leg we found that we had not been able to save the kidnapped sailor.

We built a bonfire and at least saved the sailor from transforming into something worse than a corpse. He was a member of the crew of the Hyperion. I should look into that.

As we were sorting things out, we spotted a commotion back in town and we went to check it out. A butcher was pitching a fit because some kobolds had been in his trash and then scurried down a storm drain. The leader of the group had a shiny scaled snout. We checked out the storm drain and decided to look into the problem tomorrow.

Instead, we headed to the Blossom for drinks and intel. Kyra said that it was odd for the kobolds to be here in town. While everyone debating the merits of chasing kobolds, I slipped upstairs to see what Ashran was reading. (Men & Hunters this time. Mostly about fighting goblins, zvarts, imps, mephits, quasits, that sort of thing.) Ashran agreed that it was strange for the kobolds to be in town like that and seemed pleased that we were going to go check it out the next day.

Eventually, it was time to head to bed. Zeno came up to drag me away from reading and we headed back to our room. At some point during the night, a visitor stopped by to see Zeno. He wore platemail and a half black, half white mask that covered his face. He referred to himself as a member of The Judgement Legion. They fight the lawlessness of the city, trying to bring order and structure to this chaos.

He would not give his name, saying that individual names do not matter. He did say that if we should ever need aid in our work, we should let the bouncer at The Old Fashioned Blossom know. He also asked that we talk up his group at the Beggar’s Feast. I might need to put a little song together for that. I mean, I do have all this talent. I might as well use it for something productive.

Action Items:

  • find out what happened to The Hyperion
  • Ashran’s height
  • write a song about a town in chaos that is saved by order (in the meantime, sing Street of Laredo)