013 – Prism Theater – In My Eventual Office

We headed off to Stormside, in search of the Master of Wyverns. Za’lynn stayed back at the Theater, feeling a bit under the weather. It was my first time setting foot onto Stormside. The island feels small and claustrophobic, squat buildings all clustered together. Everywhere you turn, there are people and smells and you are always turning, winding through alleyways. Not an open view or plaza to be found.

After a few inquiries, we were directed to a lantern shop owned by a man named Funuko. The shop itself was beautiful, packed with various sorts of colored lanterns. Each of us couldn’t help but purchase one before we left. Mine is currently hanging above my desk, casting multicolored lights around the walls of the room. I cannot wait until this is a proper office.

Funuko, The Master of Wyverns, towers over five feet tall, with dark hair and umber skin. His long lived life is obvious with crinkles at the edges of his eyes and streaks of grey threaded through his long pony tail. He fights with a long spear, the quick and striking nature of his attacks modeled after the movements of a wyvern. Not that we got to see him fight. We really just did a lot of talking and debating.

He was not excited about the idea of coming to Mistside to help us train the townspeople. He considers himself retired, only having to deal with the occasional challengers these days. We tried a few different arguments to change his mind. The winning argument turned out to be that if he did not help us empower the people, then they might turn to the Judgement Legion out of fear and desperation.

He really does not like those guys. Jade was so right. She is a very smart woman. So smart. And so pretty. So very pretty and smart.

Funuko came back to Mistside with us. While construction is going on, he has agreed to hold classes for the people on all even numbered days. (We need to make sure Miles has the chance to attend a class or two.)

After getting that settled, we all sat down (minus the sick Za’lynn) and went over the events with the sahuagin again, trying to make sense of things. The spell on the gem must have been attuned to the sahuagin somehow. Clutched in the captain’s hand like that, with a sword through his corpse, it looks like another mutiny at sea. There is also the fact that the ship was broken into three pieces. After we had time to think about it, we realized that given the nature of the wreck and the types of breaks, the ship did not break apart on the ocean floor.

It seems very likely that this is the work of a kraken and those kraken cultists.

We have decided that it is time to return to the cave with the kraken idol and the hidden passage. We know more now than we did the last time we were there. Perhaps we can uncover some new information.

In the midst of all this, there may have been a small upset in the party. I am not entirely sure how it all started, but I think Zeno is now jealous of my beauty. Which is silly because beauty hardly matters. Somehow, however, this led to a fight between him and Jade. Some hurtful things were said (see #17 of Zeno’s code) and I am not sure how to smooth this over. I need them both on point if we’re heading back into the cove. There is no telling what we’ll find there.

Besides, we’re all so very pretty. So pretty.

Zeno’s Code (updated)

  1. Never take the first deal
  2. No one knows they’re hunting ghosts until they’re hunting ghosts. Be prepared.
  3. Punch up, no down.
  4. Open mind not closed fist.
  5. There is a very thin line between evil and dick.
  6. tbd
  7. Justice doesn’t have the stealth skill
  8. tbd
  9. Talking doesn’t get stuff done. Doing gets stuff done.
  10. tbd
  11. tbd
  12. tbd
  13. tbd
  14. tbd
  15. tbd
  16. tbd
  17. When someone hurts you, hit them back ten fold. TEN FOLD!
  18. tbd
  19. tbd
  20. tbd
  21. tbd
  22. tbd
  23. tbd
  24. tbd
  25. tbd
  26. tbd
  27. tbd
  28. tbd
  29. Backdoor friends are best and don’t steal babies.

012 – Prism Theater – Should Be Sleeping

We found the shipwreck in three pieces. As we swam toward it, Zeno decided to question a fish. He is a very strange and interesting paladin. It was in this way we learned that there were many things inside the wreck, our size, but not moving around on legs as we were. We soon found the fish’s words to be true, as the wreck was filled with the corpses of the sailors.

We headed first to the Captain’s Quarters. There we found him, a magical sword at his side and a gem held in his hands. When Za’lynn touched the gem, a wave emanated from it, rippling through the water. A thing like that has never been a good sign.

It did not take long before 7 sahuagin and 2 sharks showed up. The sahauagin were tricky enough to fight. Once our blood hit the water, their already unsettling eyes took on a frenzied glaze and their attacks struck with a greater accuracy. However, we also had to contend with a cleric among them. She paralyzed Zeno, and troubled us all with a spiritual weapon. Zeno did his best to pursue the sea witch, but it was too much for him. Several times. But he never stayed down!

Despite the annoyance of wet fur and angry fish, Jade remained on point and tore into the sea frog fish people, as well as their sharks. I helped in what small ways I could, mostly just finishing up weakened foes. In time, we were victorious. We are learning more and more how to work effectively as a team.

We took a rest once the creatures were dispatched, taking the time to identify the items we found which turned out to be a magical scimitar, a gem of brightness, a scroll of purify food and drink, and 3 potions of greater healing.

In the hold we found much more than some barrels of wine. There were:

  • ingots of cobalt blue glass
  • ingots of a variety of colors of glass
  • ingots of steel
  • ingots of mithril (15) and adamantine (5)

This was more than Requiem planned on finding. They have offered, as further compensation, to supply us with a list of locations where they believe there are treasures to be found, but the risk level is too high for them.

I am feeling very good about the connections and friends we are making around the town. Though I still need to understand more about what is going on in our waters.