Jade Slipper: A tall tabaxi with white and beige fur, this woman is a swashbuckler through and through. As skilled with her rapier as she is her wit, this flirtatious troublemaker is dangerous in more than obvious ways. 

Tayanna: A dragonborn cleric covered in shining white scales, her noble heritage is telegraphed in everything from the way she dresses to the way she tilts her head. Her night sky painted shield declares that Mixcoatl holds her faith. 

Wrengloria Samandra Applecart: An incredibly intelligent halfling who finds that her intense cuteness often gets in the way of her work. With her bountiful golden-red locks, freckled cheeks, and upturned nose, it is easy to understand why people can forget that her deepest desire is for greater knowledge. 

Za’lynn Rethdhel Bjorrson: A stalwart marine, equally comfortable using his large glaive as an instrument of death as he is using it for a prop in striking the perfect wind-in-the-hair pose. A half-elf, his dark elf heritage is apparent visually. Only time will tell if his sin goes deeper. 

Zeno: A paladin of Apollo, complete with flowing blonde hair and perfectly pointed elven ears. His blue eyes shine bright and true, his upward tilted chin and confident smile at odds with his tendency to trip over his own two feet or drop anything delicate given to him to hold. Armed with a sword, a shield, and Apollo’s favor, his tenacity is unending.